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10 Apr 2015

Educationist seeks value re-orientation for pupils

Punch News Paper The Administrator, Grace High School Gbagada, Lagos, Mrs. Tokunbo Edun, has cautioned that there is the need for value re-orientation of pupils if the country will win its war against corruption. Edun made the appeal as she urged the president-elect, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, to wage a war against corruption. According to her, Buhari should fight corruption by re-examining the nation’s educational curriculum. With this, she noted that the country would be able to have a new generation of people who will detest corruption right from childhood. She stated this while speaking to journalists at the school premises. The administrator, who congratulated Nigerians on the peaceful conduct of the Presidential and National Assembly elections, said there was the need for educational reforms and revitalisation. She added, “We need value re-orientation in this country. This is very important because we can all see that the value system has collapsed completely. We cannot pretend that people still hold high moral values very close their hearts. Instead, what we see around us nowadays are cases of complete breakdown of values. We see shameless behaviour all over the place among various classes of people all around the country.” Insisting that the educational system needed reforms, she called for better enlightenment to motivate people to be law abiding and respect the rights of others. The educationist also called on parents to set good examples for children to follow, adding that the government alone cannot win the war against corruption. She noted, “All of us must seize the opportunity of the new administration to get involved in the war against corruption. Parents should lead the war at the home front by setting good examples. We should also be ready to give information to the anti-corruption agencies.” She also advocated improved funding of education, adding that without adequate funding of public educational institutions, they would not achieve the goals set for them by the government.