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What has been happening

09 Apr 2014


ALAUSA ALERT Lagos State Government has approved a revised and harmonized schools’ calendar for the 2014/2015 Academic Session for all public and private schools in the state, the state Commissioner for education, Mrs. Olayinka Oladunjoye has disclosed. Oladunjoye who disclosed this today in Lagos urged all private schools’ operators of both primary and secondary schools in the state to adhere strictly to the new schools’ calendar and the subsequent one. She pointed however out that schools affiliated with embassies, missions and those who usually presents candidates for international examinations have been given a window of flexibility of one week before and after official resumption date. Said she, “private schools should adhere strictly with the 2014/2015 Academic Year Calendar and subsequent ones in the opening, resumption and mid-term dates. However, schools affiliated with Embassies, Missions as well as those presenting candidates for International examinations may be given a window of flexibility of one week before and after official resumption or closing dates but they must comply with the mid-term dates.” The Commissioner stressed that it is important and compulsory for all schools in the state to complete the 38 to 39 weeks of academic contact period with the student in order to adequately cover their schools’ curriculum as it is done in other parts of the world. “It is mandatory for all Schools to complete the 38 to 39 weeks of academic contact periods where the curriculum is well covered by schools as seen in other developed countries. Regular monitoring visits will be made to private schools while sanctions will be given to Schools that do not comply with the Academic Year Calendar,” she noted. According to the approved 2014/2015 Academic Year Calendar, students and pupils are expected to resume for the first term academic session on Monday, 15th September, 2014, have their mid-term break on Thursday, 30th and Friday, 31st November, 2014, end of term on Friday, December, 2014 while vacation will be between Monday, 15th December and Friday, 2nd January, 2015. Academic activities for the second term will commence on Monday, 5th January 2015 and ends on Friday, 3rd April, 2015. Mid-term break will be on Thursday, 19th February and Friday, 20th February , 2015, Mock examinations for SS III students will be held between Tuesday, 24th February and Friday, 6th March 2015, while end of term Unified Examinations will be held from Tuesday, 24th March through Friday, 3rd April, 2015. The approved 2014/2015 Academic Year Calendar indicates that academic activities for the 3rd term will begin on Monday, April, 2015 and end on Friday, 17th July, 2015 with Junior School Certificate (JSCE) Examination taking place from Tuesday, 16th June through Monday, 29th June, 2015, mid-term break holding on Thursday, 4th and Friday, 5th June 2015, End of` Session Unified Examination will however take place between, Tuesday, 7th and Friday, 17th July 2015 while the resumption date for the 2015/2016 academic session is Monday, September 15th, 2015. Signed Jide Lawal PRO, Ministry of Education