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State owned | Shomolu

Our Mission Statement

Improving educational standard of the children through qualitative education. To improve quality of teachers work through their methods of teaching. To create mutual understanding between the teachers, pupils and parents.

School History

The school was formerly called Oja Epo and it was founded for registration of the children four private school on 26th September 1980. The school was fully opened with eleven classes from Wright Memorial Primary School, Shomolu Mrs. R.O. Agbaje was the first headteacher of the school. The school name was later changed to Ijebutedo Primary School during the inaugural meeting of P.T.A sixteen teachers started the school finally.

Future Plans for the School

We plan to make this school a role model. Make our pupils believe that they are future leaders. To develop the pupils academically, socially and morally. Prototype building social amenities e.g. Electricity, television, fan, nursery equipments.

Support Required

prototype building TRS Table & chairs Electricity Library Strong gate & fence

Calendar of School Activities for the Current Year

Pre-resumption meeting Resumption Open Day Mid-term Break End of term unified examination End of session unified examination

Famous past pupils/students

Adekunle Pelumi (Best in Mathematics Merit Award 2002) Eluwande Tosin (Best in English Language Spelling Bee 2008)

Examinations Taken

Unified Examination Lagos State Common Entrance Federal Common Entrance

Past 3 Year Performance in %

Name of External Exam
Lagos State Commong Entrance
Federal Common Entrance
Very Good

Subject Offered

Mathematics English Language Social Studies Library Physical Education Vocational Arabic Language / CRK Home Economics Yoruba Hausa Igbo Basic Science Technology Civic Education Cultural and Creative Art Computer Studies

Club & Societies

J.E.T.S / Science Maths Society Literary & Debating Maths Society Islamic Society Cultural Society Climate Change Club


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