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 ABARANJE PRIMARY SCHOOL, Abaranje - Lagos Schools Online


State owned | Alimosho

Our Mission Statement

Inculcating sound knowledge, numeracy/literacy, eradication of poverty through educational empowerment.

School History

The school was connissioned on the 23rd of Nov. 1995, by the Commisioner for education Mrs. Asalu and was named Abaranje/Okerube Pry Schl. with six classrooms and ten teachers, later the school was divided on the 24th Oct.2005 by Alimosho L.G.E.A. The two schools are in the same complex, Okerube Pry sch. Abaranje,and Abaranje Pry Schl, Abaranje with presently six classrooms and office accomodation with fifteen teaching staff and six NTS.

Future Plans for the School

Creation of condusive atmosphere for teaching and learning to be effective through provision of enough classrooms , enough furnitures, enough teaching and non-teaching staff and instructional materials.

Support Required

Accomodation, Science Equipments, Furniture, Teaching Staff, Guards.

Calendar of School Activities for the Current Year

Staff meeting, Parent Forum, Open Day, Society Meeting, Committee Meeting, Inter house Sport, JETS Competition, Debate.

Examinations Taken

2nd and 3rd Term Exam. Placement into Secondary Sch. Continuos Assess.

Past 3 Year Performance in %

Name of External Exam



Subject Offered

Mathematics, Home Econs. Physical Education, English Language, Pry. Science, Agric Science, Yoruba, Art/Craft, Computer Science, Social Studies, Health Science, C.R.K/I.R.K, Writing.

Club & Societies

Boys Scout, Red Cross, Girls Guide, Lit. & Debating Young Farmers, Cultural Society


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