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Privately owned | Agege

School History

The Ability Children (A.C.S.) was founded in 1986 at the time the Lagos state Government schools were facing management problems such as over population of pupils in the classes, incessant strikes and the lower level of education standard. The main aim and objective of setting up the school by the founder Dr. Simon Abili was to compliment the struggles of the government thereby helping the helpless and the suffering children

Future Plans for the School

The school proposes to build a school hall. The school propose purchase school bus. The school proposes to go on an excursion. The school proposes to establish club activities Computerization of the school Raising the school up to the standard for effective delivery of education

Support Required

School hall, Library, Test Books, Renovation of school.

Calendar of School Activities for the Current Year

Debates, Quiz, Club Activities, Dramatization, Choreography, Cultural Display, Fellowship, Excursion, Debating and Literary Activities.

Examinations Taken

Common Entrance

Past 3 Year Performance in %

Name of External Exam



Subject Offered

English Language, Mathematics, Yoruba Study , Bible Knowledge, Social Study, Basic Study, Basic Science, Health Education, Verbal Education, quantitative Reasoning, Writing, Art, Computer, Music, Agricultural Science, French,

Club & Societies

Boys Scout, Boys Brigade, Young Farmers Club, Girls Guide.


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