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Privately owned | Lagos-Island

Our Mission Statement

Abmos private school believes that every child created has his/her potentials which must be identified and every child is entitled to enjoy his/her childhood. They should be valued for their individuality, culture and religion and these potentials must be encouraged to develop through learning by promoting curiosity and enthusiasm, promoting logical and creative thinking, working together as a team, catering for all abilities, providing balanced curriculum, developing in built respect for others and personal self esteem especially in a challenging environment.

School History

As a result of the lack of an established academic institution in the Muslim community and zero or little access to western education by the less privileged and mainly the Muslim children in its environs the founding fathers of Abu quranic mosque deemed it fit to set up an Islamic children school in the year 1993 under the supervision and close monitoring of the management committee which has been ensuring that all socio - academics needs of these children are professionally provided.

Future Plans for the School

To co opt our children the leaders of tomorrow into a decent responsible and enviable socio academic status

Support Required

Well equip library.

Calendar of School Activities for the Current Year

Resumption 5 - 1 - 15 Open day 18 - 2 - 15 Mid term 19/20 - 2 - 15 Excursion 26 - 3 - 15 End of term 3 - 4 - 15 Vacation 6 - 4 - 15.

Famous past pupils/students

Examinations Taken

Entrance examination. Placement examination.

Past 3 Year Performance in %

Name of External Exam
Placement Examination



Subject Offered

English Language, Civic Education, Physical Health Education, Arabic Language, Mathematics, Agricultural Science, Basic Science, Yoruba Language, Social Studies, Home Economics, Islamic Studies & Computer studies.

Club & Societies

Press club, Art and craft, Red cross, Jet club, Debating & Islamic group.


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